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Around the world in 21 days

In collaboration with White Desert, this is a first-of-its-kind experience that will see you visiting all seven continents in the luxury of a private jet. Over the course of 21 days, you’ll visit 10 extraordinary destinations across the globe. Weaving your way around the world, starting in colourful Mexico City and ending your adventure in the icy wilderness of Antarctica.

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An Exclusive Kenyan Exploration

Ready yourself for an extraordinary adventure that showcases the very best of Kenya. Travel by private airplane charter and helicopter to unique areas, seamlessly opening up a range of new experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible.

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Above and Beyond: Discovering New Zealand

This amazing journey through New Zealand will take you across water, over land, and into the air. With access to your private helicopter allows you to experience this fascinating country from myriad perspectives.

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Charter Types we Offer

The Future of Sustainable Aviation

Across the Pelorus Group, all of our trips have sustainability as a foundational aspect. During our trips, we offer clients opportunities to take advantage of our expertise for their own education and work in lockstep to help them design their own sustainable boundary-pushing experiences.

Climate Investment Fund

Through our Climate Investment Fund, we create sustainable partnerships directly with the projects on the ground, supporting communities on the front line of the climate crisis, and investing in the technology which is pioneering carbon removal.


We believe business is a source for good, and making a positive impact on the world is
paramount to our way of doing business.

Creating life-enriching experiences that are rooted in meaning and purpose is what drives us to curate impactful, immersive and authentic experiences that fulfil our brand promise of protecting our planet.

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