Who we are

Who is Pelorus Aviation?

Pelorus Aviation focuses on delivering experiential and sustainable solutions to our clients. We create purposeful aviation experiences whilst also offering existing aircraft charter options with the option of using sustainable aviation fuel SAF.

Pelorus Aviation is investing and driving future clean technology within the sector. This includes chartering Airships for long-range remote expeditions and bringing eVTOLs into the luxury travel and yachting sectors. We believe these new revolutionary forms of aviation will usher in a new era of luxury air travel. 

“The sheer amount of options when travelling with Pelorus is limitless”.

Pelorus Client

Why do we exist?

“We put the focus on the experience, designing individual itineraries according to the client’s brief. We work exclusively with a network of industry leaders, who allow us to consider areas and experiences that most travel companies do not give a second thought. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, creativity and due diligence, designing extraordinary experiences for those seeking something truly different.”

Geordie Mackay-Lewis & Jimmy Carroll

Pelorus Co-Founders

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