North Pole Expedition

Join Pelorus and OceanSky Cruises in an expedition that brings a whole new perspective to the North Pole. Be one of just a handful of people to step off your privatised, all-new airship to find yourself quite literally on top of the world.

Your journey starts in the most northern city on the planet, Longyearbyen in Svalbard, where you will board the airship. Fly north towards the pole on a unique route as you search for wildlife (think polar bears and whales). With the ability to fly low and slow, the big panoramic windows and sections of glass floor will create a flying experience like no other. Sip on cocktails and enjoy a fine dining experience in a setting unlike any other while floating over icebergs.

With Michelin star fine dining, 360 panoramic viewing areas, and plenty of extra onboard delights (to be announced), guests will gain an utterly new perspective as they watch the Polar World and its fascinating array of flora and fauna pass by steadily below.

Upon reaching The Geographic North Pole, the airship will carefully descend to ground level, allowing for a special lunch and a few precious hours on top of the world – a feat only possible due to the unique capabilities of low impact airships that do not require a runway.

Enjoy a morning of activities in one of the most remote places on earth. From snowmobiling and skiing to Arctic safaris and zodiac sailing, there’s so much to entertain. Enjoy a lunch out on the snow (there isn’t any land here so you will actually be walking on continental ice) before starting your panoramic journey back over the arctic landscape.

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