Aircraft Charter


Discover aircraft charter done differently. Pelorus Aviation works with trusted operators and partners globally to offer the perfect private charter for your requirements. We are able to find the right aircraft, acquire the necessary permits and arrange for aviation services all tailored for a seamless experience.

Turboprops and Light Jets

These aircrafts accommodate up to seven passengers and are the favoured aircraft for non-stop journeys travelling from northern to southern destinations. Ideal for corporate travel, spontaneous day excursions or weekend escapes, these smaller aircraft are best suited for shorter-distance travel, offering convenience and efficiency for various travel requirements.

Super Light and Midsize Jets

For those travelling with between seven and nine passengers, Super Light or Midsize Jets present excellent choices. Notorious for their efficiency and comfort, these aircraft offer generous space for both passengers and luggage compared to smaller-sized aircraft, whilst remaining cost-effective.

Super Midsize Jets

Carrying up to nine guests, these aircrafts offer the many benefits of large jets such as increased cabin space, greater luggage capacity and longer range capabilities, but at a more competitive rate. They are perfect for travellers looking for unparalleled comfort, range, and luxury.

Group and Team Charter

Whether you are a business heading on a corporate trip, a sports team travelling to a match or a larger group jetting off on a trip of a lifetime, Pelorus Aviation can help you find the perfect aircraft to suit your group's needs. With access to a wide fleet of aircrafts holding from 18-400 people, we can transform your perception of luxury group travel by providing bespoke solutions to your unique preferences and requirements.

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