Exploring Northern Kenya by Air

See Northern Kenya like never before as you soar over the rocky summits of Mount Kenya and marvel at the great lakes and otherworldly desert landscapes of Turkana. From above the land appears empty of life but, as you will discover, semi-nomadic tribes and desert-adapted wildlife roam these plains freely.

Embark on a unique adventure in Northern Kenya, exploring its diverse landscapes and rich cultures from the air. Start your journey at the Sera Conservancy, a vast 35,000-hectare conservation area, where you'll track the critically endangered Black Rhino and experience luxury camping amidst wildlife. Go behind the scenes of the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Africa's first community-owned and managed sanctuary of its type, before soaring over the scenic Suguta Valley. Encounter the Turkana tribe and explore the Chalbi Desert, meeting the Rendille tribe along the way.

Expert guides, such as seasoned helicopter pilots and safari leaders, accompany you, providing invaluable insights into Northern Kenya's natural beauty and cultural significance. Their wealth of expertise transforms your journey into a captivating exploration of diverse ecosystems, wildlife habitats, and local traditions that define this remarkable landscape. With their guidance, every moment will become an opportunity to deepen your understanding and appreciation of Northern Kenya's treasures.

Completely bespoke to you, this experience can combine any activity to enrich your journey, from wildlife safaris to cultural immersions for a truly special adventure.

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