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“At Pelorus, innovation is at the very forefront of our minds and business. We are devoted to crafting perspective changing experiences for our clients whilst at the same time helping to bring new, cleaner travel solutions to market.”

Geordie Mackay-Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO, Pelorus

Whilst not an entirely new method of transport, Airship travel is on the cusp of a renaissance.  

New airship builders and operators that promise ultra-luxury cruises to some of the world’s more inaccessible regions have shown remarkable progress. Pioneering travellers are already looking to secure their space onboard the very first voyages and be a part of modern aviation history.

Chartering Airships

Our Partnership

Pelorus is the official ‘Expedition Partner’ of OceanSky Cruises. A leading airship operator spearheading the rejuvenation of luxury Airship experiences.

This partnership allows Pelorus Aviation to extend early opportunities for travellers to secure ‘off market’ cabins or fully private charter experiences at fixed preferential prices.

Become an Aeronaut

Secure your space on an upcoming Airship adventure with individual sleeper cabins perfect for two, or fully privatised voyages for groups of up to 16.

Full Private


Single Cabin


“We partner with the best experiential companies in the world: to make sure we execute the future of airship travel in the most excellent way possible. Pelorus is a leader in the market curating bespoke adventures, and together we’re pioneering this unique expedition to the North Pole."

Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck

Founder and CEO of OceanSky Cruises

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What is an airship?

In its simplest form, an Airship is a very large aircraft that does not have wings. Instead, a large body filled with gas so that it floats. Due to their lightness smaller amounts of propulsion are needed to keep the Airship gliding at a steady speed. This, along with the reduced requirement for ground infrastructure, contribute towards Airships being considered as a possible more climate friendly method of transporting people (and goods).

Due to the size and unique qualities of airships, the opportunities for truly unique experiences that don’t compromise on comfort are only now starting to be fully realised.

Why are they making a comeback?

Recent advancements in technology and manufacturing processes have allowed for expert aviation engineers to revisit the creation of these very large aircraft that can glide at low altitudes for long periods of time. Modern airship designs incorporate lightweight materials, efficient propulsion systems, and improved safety features.

Their size, speed and cruise altitude allow for incredibly high-end living spaces and viewing platforms. The fact that they don’t require a runway for take or off landing, makes Airships an exciting solution for those seeking true low-footprint, high-luxury adventure travel experiences.

Airship Interiors and Design

Inside, OceanSky Cruises’ airships will be fitted like a luxury hotel with spacious cabins featuring large panoramic windows that maximise the view from the beds. Capable of carrying 16 passengers, guests will be served Arctic-inspired cuisine by an award-winning chef. As the cabin isn’t pressurised, the flight will be peaceful and quiet, and because it drifts along slowly, there will be no need for seat belts.

First Voyages

A Journey to the north Pole

Following the footsteps of explorer Roald Amundsen who flew from Svalbard and over the North Pole in 1926 aboard the airship Norge, Pelorus and OceanSky Cruises will be spearheading the next generation of air travel. Upon landing at the North Pole, travellers will embark on a day-long excursion across the Arctic plains. During OceanSky Cruises’ inaugural season, a number of its expeditions will be led by Arctic expert and climate activist Robert Swan.

Around Africa with Oceansky

Experience Southern Africa like never before, taking to the skies aboard one of the world’s first luxury airship voyages. Gliding effortlessly at an altitude of 1000ft above the ground, OceanSky’s Cruises Airship charters will come equipped with immaculately designed individual cabins and living spaces akin to what can be found onboard some of the world’s most impressive superyachts, and this airborne safari around the Tropic of Capricorn promises to be unlike any other.

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