At Pelorus Aviation, we are working to scale solutions which are predicted to play a pivotal role in the decarbonisation of the aviation industry.

Embracing a future-focused approach, our partners have been carefully selected on their commitment to investing in cutting-edge, fuel-efficient aircraft and technology, as well as their ambition to implement operational practices aimed at reducing environmental impact.

 Transparency is key and, working with Greenly, we calculate the emissions from each trip, reporting the environmental impact to our clients. As an organisation, we report on our own progress to foster accountability. Pelorus Aviation is not just about luxury travel; it's about responsible, forward-thinking aviation that respects our planet.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Our dedication extends to supporting the scale of sustainable aviation fuel. Through our partnership with Neste, the world’s largest producer of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), we enable our clients the opportunity to purchase SAF and, in doing so, contribute to the widespread adoption of one of the most advanced emission-reduction technologies available.

Climate Investment Fund

Through the Climate Investment Fund, a bespoke carbon removal portfolio, we are working to support projects that are pioneering permanent methods of carbon capture.

"Bringing these new, more sustainable innovations to clients and supporting the mass adoption of such practices is something that we at Pelorus see as our duty and a key role we can play in ushering in a more conscious age of luxury travel. We know that our audience wants these things and they have the means to become early adopters. Alongside these advancements in core travel logistics, we are also starting to see a number of exciting experience-based technological advancements come to the fore."

Pelorus Co-Founder Jimmy Carroll

Pelorus 5-year Trends Report

“Pelorus Aviation is seeking to drive a revolution in sustainable air travel”

Geordie Mackay-Lewis

Pelorus CEO and Co-founder

“Experiential and sustainable aviation solutions for forward-thinking clients.”

Geordie Mackay-Lewis

Pelorus CEO and Co-founder

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