Tanya Teasdale

Head of Digital Marketing

South African-born, Tanya was fortunate to spend her holidays enjoying the beach, mountains and bush, sparking her passion for spending time outdoors in nature. She has a love for experiencing different cultures and her travels have taken her across South Africa and to Zambia, Mozambique, Spain, France, Thailand and Mauritius.

Now living in the UK, Tanya has over 10 years of digital marketing and hospitality marketing experience. She now joins Pelorus as Head of Digital Marketing where she works alongside the wider marketing team to develop exciting new digital marketing strategies and innovations.

Number one unforgettable travel experience?

Backpacking around Thailand for seven weeks and the unforgettable experiences and people we met from exploring The Bridge on the River Kwai, to a three-day trek in the Chiang Mai mountains, and snorkelling in the south.

Top of your travel bucket list?

My travel bucket list is long and only gets longer. Having recently moved to England, the places on top of my bucket list are France, Greece, Italy and Portugal.

Who is your ultimate travel partner?

My husband and kids. I love going exploring with them and creating special memories.

Want to get in touch?

To contact Tanya please email or give her a call.