"Bringing new, more sustainable innovations to clients and supporting the mass adoption of such practices is something that we at Pelorus see as our duty and a key role we can play in ushering in a more conscious age of luxury travel”

Jimmy Carroll, Pelorus Co-Founder

The future of personal aviation

eVTOLs (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft are seen by many as a cleaner alternative to helicopters and have the potential to create the basis for modern flying taxi systems in some of the planet’s most forward-thinking connected cities.

Whilst regulations and technology continue to develop, Pelorus Aviation is focussed primarily on applications these new technologies will bring to private buyers and experiential travellers when used onboard superyachts or at remote eco-conscious luxury lodges.

Pelorus x VRCO

Pelorus' partnership with the pioneering eVTOL manufacturer VRCO is a world-first eVTOL builder and luxury adventure travel company collaboration that will aid us in delivering exclusive travel itineraries to the world’s most beautiful, remote locations.

As part of this partnership, Pelorus Aviation will remain at the forefront of the eVTOL space, supporting the development of the technology and ushering in an exciting era for privately owned eVTOL exploration.

What are Evtol's?

eVTOL's have the potential to revolutionise sustainable travel by offering efficient, environmentally friendly, and flexible transportation solutions for travel needs.

Powered by electric motors, which produce zero direct emissions during the flight, these methods of transport offer a vast improvement when compared to a traditional combustion engine aircraft.

These vehicles also use electric compulsion systems which are far more energy-efficient than turbine engines, reducing overall energy consumption and noise levels.

Pelorus' Stance on eVTOL's

“In the past, the ability to transform perspectives with immersive air-bound experiences around the world has been somewhat limited by restrictions that come with the use of helicopters and similar aircraft which are far more cumbersome and disruptive to the natural world.

The advent of the eVTOL market is therefore the natural and logical way for us to expand our private experiential transport offering whilst simultaneously moving the needle on sustainable air transport solutions ."

Geordie Mackay-Lewis

Pelorus Co-founder and CEO

For more information on eVTOLS and other clean tech solutions download the trends report.

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